Managed Wireless LAN service extends your corporate network in a secure manner, allowing employees to conduct business anywhere, anytime and from any device. The service includes integral security capabilities that protect both your device and your network with Quality of Service (QoS), availability, and reliability, and supports advanced wireless capabilities such as Wi-Fi Multimedia, virtual LANs, and fast, secure layer 2 and 3 roaming for seamless mobility.


Through the Managed MPLS service, we provide you with a private IP network enhanced with high quality secure connectivity. This service delivers appropriate levels of latency, jitter, and packet loss to ensure a successful, concurrent handling of multiple types of traffic, voice and video in particular; it classifies and prioritizes traffic flows from end to end, enabling SLAs for multiple classes of service. We give you the ability to select a full mesh VPN option to pass traffic directly from site to site, and select the design configuration that appeals to your needs.

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